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Blame the Parents Day

I was raised by a person who likes to have lots of friends.  Someone who embraces the world and all the people in it with enthusiasm, joy and a very large generosity of spirit. One of the things this person taught me was a certain loving openness and trust of the universe, God, and other people... to see all things and beings in their best light first, and only change that opinion of them if they give me a certain beyond-a-doubt reason to do so. I have always approached everyone as if they are a friend, and been grateful when I am able to look around me and say "Wow! Look at all the friends!" I blame this on that parent.  I've been ruined forever by such a naive optimism that allows everyone to be my friend first, and only after they have done damage to me, mine or ours, count them as something less wonderful than truly friendly. I also grew up in a Quaker and people practicing Christianity as a life path (versus a flag waving opportunity) community where people behaved in friendly manner, which didn't help teach me anything different.  I blame all my neighbor parents for my all the world's a friend world-view, and all the kids I grew up with in my neighborhood, and especially, the neighborhood American Friend's Meeting House, which endeavored to make all of the above people friendly, open, trusting and caring. In fact, I am so screwed up now... with all these friends behaving in a friendly manner, it's really difficult for me when someone does not behave as friend.  I can hardly believe it... it's just unthinkable.  How could they do that?? Dang parents, neighbors, teachers and friends... it's all your fault you've been so good to me for so long!  When I became a Reiki Master I vowed to honor you... but really, I'm kind of ticked off that you didn't warn me about the one or two other people who were going to show up along the way. I think I need therapy.  It may take me years to get over this.  Maybe even decades. Maybe even another lifetime!

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