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Better Thans and Not Good Enoughs

Only exist in the absence of love.


Sometimes I feel as if I am the reluctant  "monkey" dragged into a game of religious and philosophical  "monkey in the middle."


By this I mean to speak of the reactionary movements of fundamentalist religions, such as politicized  fundamentalist Christianity, and the fundamentalist a-religions, such as secular humanism, atheism, and the misapplication of science as a dogmatic "I know science" ideology. 


The fundamentalist Christians might as well be shouting "I know about Christ - so I'm better than you!" while the fundamentalist a-religious shout " I know about Science - so I'm better than you!"


Oh wait, actually - they both do shout these things - and often at psychics and spirit mediums.


Both sides are reacting to each other and including the rest of us who operate somewhere in the middle in their reaction, this silly game, whether or not we want to be included.


I sometimes feel as if I am here in the middle watching patients in the triage unit of a Civil War battle. 


Some Secular Humanists believe they are being '"scientific" so religiously, that any sign of consciousness permeating physical reality is to them their "scientific" sign of the devil. 

They are so affronted they would rather cut off the offending limb of consciousness than study it objectively.


While some fundamentalist Christians would rather cut off their own limb of consciousness  than be afraid it might be noticed and disapproved of by others.


In my opinion - both are walking around in denial of necessary and natural human mental abilities and shouting "See!  I'm Better Than You!   I understand the meaning/non-meaning of existence better than you do!   I've Cut off my CONSCIOUSNESS."


To this I can only state: 


If doing so makes you happier and more fulfilled - Great!


But could you leave me out of your game?  I'm not competing with you.   That "better than" ball you guys keep throwing back and forth while you shout at each other and then at me here in the middle?   I'm really not interested in it.     Thanks for thinking of me though.


And Hey - when you guys start playing with a love ball, please let me know. 


I will happily be your monkey in the middle for that one!



Happy Afterthought Mental Movie Script:


Fundie Christian:  I love you!

Fundie Secular Humanist:  I love you more!

Fundie Christian:  I love love love love love you!

Fundie Secular Humanist: I love you! love you! love you! love you!

Medium in the Middle:  Hey!  Give me some of  that!






















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