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Benefit of the Doubt

Well, after doing an exhaustive websearch on avicides and coyote poisoning methods, I feel somewhat sure whatever the thing hanging from the fence is, it isn't one of those things.  The other very positive thing about it is that it doesn't have a "poison" decal on the plastic container inside of it. Now the only bummer is that I have been made aware of how many dog poisonings occur  annually because of M-44 Cyanide traps left for coyotes.  The number is in the hundreds.  I've also been informed of how many animals other than birds are killed by avicides, which actually kill tens of  species of mammals more easily than they kill the birds, usually starlings, they are intended for. This morning two coyotes skirted our fenceline while on their morning rounds.  Wyatt, Sadie and King trotted to the fence to greet them, at first not barking and just following along behind them, until the coyotes departed the fence line and crossed the road.  Then the barking started in earnest. Morning sunlight infusing the silver white hair of a coyote is a beautiful thing. 

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