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Bella the "No-Kill" Mouser

The official start of spring has happened.  Just like the groundhog seeing his shadow, I have seen the first mouse of the season in the cabin.  I have the foam sealant to find the hole it got in from, and the all the mouse clean up supplies... and, Bella?


You see, I didn't inititally actually first see the first mouse in the cabin... I heard Bella hunting after it.  I was busy in the bedroom and the crashing of the mops and brooms and the sliding of things across the kitchen and dining room floor was the first indication that Bella was after something larger than a fly or a moth.


After finishing my business in the Bedroom, I walked to the kitchen with Wyatt, our very large Tibetan Mastiff, and asked "Just what is going on here?" to Miss Bella.  Only I found I wasn't just addressing Miss Bella, I was addressing Miss Bella and her new Mouse Friend.  Both looked up at me happily, the mouse coming up and out from behind a piece of wood for the woodstove, and Bella holding back the paw that a moment before was clawlessly reaching for her mouse friend who was obviously pretending to be hiding behind the piece of wood. 


Bella, perhaps thinking that I meant to go to the refridgerator and get her another spoonful of wet food, began to follow me hopefully toward the refridgerator, walking happily between Wyatt's legs.  The mouse, obviously feeling at ease and at home with that cat that batted at it clawlessly, and that it could even chase back after being chased... followed Bella, also walking happily between Wyatt's legs, looking up hopefully first toward me and then toward the refridgerator.


"I am NOT going to give you WET FOOD!"  I expressed my dissatisfaction at the incredibly cute little mouse that seemed perfectly ready to become the next kitten of the household.


Seeing and hearing my intense dissatifaction, the mouse scooted under the lip of the kitchen counter nearest the fridge, Bella gave chase, and it scooted between the fridge and the counters.  I could hear Bella thinking to it, "Awe, come on... you know I can't get back there!"  The mouse immediately popped back out again and ran toward the wood by the wood stove, where the two were having so much fun just before I interrupted them.


They then continued on with their game of cat and mouse and mouse and cat, the cat batting around the wood until the mouse popped up and pretended to chase the cat away from the wood, and so on, and so forth.


Bemused, I went to bed.  The crashing and sliding sounds went on most of the night. 


This morning I awoke to a very happy playful mouse and cat now playing the same game with a newly formed pile of my roommates cassette tapes in between them to provide mouse cover.  Both looking just as bright and happy as they did the night before.

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