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Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! Or, Next year at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival...

I will wear only sundresses, matching or wildly mismatching sarongs, and the finest jewelry I can create between now and then, and put something beautiful in my hair, get a parasol for the sun, trick out my hat with beads and feathers (and possibly sparkles!) make myself a pair of pink silk butterfly wings to dance in - and dance barefoot. Exuberantly. It was a truly beautiful experience.  I met Telluride Tom, the Mayor of Town park as I was walking with Gerry Leary, proprietor of The Unseen Bean - the amazing coffee company that supplies Town Park with free coffee, and London, his new guide dog in training, and Rob Corkran, an Environmental Studies Professor at CSU.  Yes, I am dropping names... again! Two blogs in a row! And, I'm not just consoling myself that I didn't find Pete Seeger in the crowd or on the stage. Telluride Tom, Gerry, London and Rob are all of the same ilk in terms of love of humanity and the planet - if not of the same fame. Also Telluride Tom has nice Festival inspired and inspiring website: Gerry has a blind-roasted coffee inspiring website: and London, well, he's pretty smart for a dog... but he doesn't have website yet. Rob probably has several websites and I can't pick between them. I want to thank Gerry, Rob, Kathy, E, Jeff, Theresa, Tony, Dylan, J.D., and London and Telluride Tom for a wonderful first time festival experience.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'll be back next year. FESTIVAL!!!

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