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Angels to be

This week has been an experience in "coming down" from the heights of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and re-acclimating to daily life.  As you may have noticed I didn't write much about the wonderful music at Telluride, and instead just mentioned people.  The reason for this is that the people there were phenomenally wonderful.  In fact I wouldn't be stretching the truth to say that they were "Angels in training" or "Angels to be."   I witnessed more patience, kindness, honesty, integrity, faith, and people created positive energy and warmth than I have witnessed anywhere else. I also witnessed angels and guides - real angels and guides, dancing and playing among  and above members of the crowd and the town. Now, there have been times in the last decade when I have tried to contact a clients guides and guardian angels only to find them "busy" at what appears to be "a really good party" - kicking up their heals and dancing to lively music, doing  the dosey-doe and spinning each other round joyfully.  I'm not sure what time of year these readings were... it could have been during the festival, or the angels and guides could be holding their own festival... During festival I thought maybe I was "seeing things" when I witnessed the angels and guides in the crowd and above the town.  And then I found this song, written by Sam Bush... a regular performer at Telluride,  called  Angel to be.  and I thought... " OK...this can't be a coincidence." Mary was a friend of mine Very close at heart to me I had to let her fly away Into the night an angel to be Nothing more that hurt me so Than to stand and say goodbye She had always told me �Son, this day would come� And in her final days In a weak voice she said �It�s time together Together that we pray� Don�t you ever feel cheated Coming up you had what you needed Nothing in this world ever happens by mistake Son, please have faith Now the years have passed I remember vividly She said, �Say with me And the pain will pass� Mary was a friend of mine Very close at heart to me I had to let her fly away Into the night an angel to be Into the night an angel to be Into the night an angel to be Into the night an angel to be �Son, please have faith� Dancing is an angelic activity.  Making music is an angelic activity.  Creating and enjoying the beauty of life is an angelic activity. Getting together with friends to celebrate this wonderful infinite gift of life and the community of life is an angelic activity. Having faith is the most angelic activity of all.

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