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I just got off the phone with a friend who is closing the riding school she created last year, which she had thought, before she created it, was her lifetime dream.  Almost immediately after creating it, and becoming initially successful with it, she realized it was not at all her dream to run her own riding school.  It was her nightmare. Within months of her early success, my friend suffered a deep and incapacitating depression.  She couldn't bring herself to show up to teach another lesson to another student.  She couldn't bring herself to leave her home and venture out into the winter cold.  Her Reynauld's disease, a condition that leaves a person highly sensitive to cold, kicked in with debilitating vengeance. She was housebound and hounded by guilt.  Guilt that she had created something she actually did not want, and had involved other people, horses, students, and parents. Her solution? Start reading and watching "The Secret."  and hire someone else to teach her lessons for her.  In desperation in the coldest month of February, she watched "The Secret" over, and over, and over, and over... and then attempted to teach what she was learning to me through long phone calls. Not much was moving or changing or improving for her, though... in fact, things were getting somewhat worse.  I won't go into how much worse, and actually to be honest, things were about as bad as they could possibly get. I believe that there was one key that she was missing in her study of "The Secret" and the other associated texts and teachings she was referred to through "The Secret." That key is the word "allowance." Not acceptance, but "allowance." When the universe, our guardian angels, guides, loved ones and family in spirit want to help us, as well as our friends, family, and associates and animals here... we must "allow" for that help to arrive.  We must "allow" ourselves to embrace it, our highest good provided with peace and love, with gratitude and thankfulness. We must allow ourselves to let go of our judgments against ourselves and others and allow for deep and profound love and allowance of all the good that is waiting for us. Again, the word is "allowance" not "acceptance." Too many times we believe that we need to struggle and work and fight and struggle some more to "make" something happen.  We steal ourselves for the conflict, the fight, the energy drain, the drama and the associated trauma of whatever it is that we set out to create for ourselves, our family, or community. None of that stuff is real. The nature of real reality is love and abundance.  By making all of the conflict, the struggle, the aloneness, the lonely conquering hero or heroine scenario solid, significant and real... we disallow the true underlying nature of reality to presence in our lives, and we create a dramatic and traumatic reality for ourselves and others. We do not need to do this.  We can choose to live in allowance.

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