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3 Morning Mantras for Daily Clarity

My mornings usually start out with limited chaos. My dog Wyatt will bark as soon as he knows I am waking up, and he won’t stop until I get up and let him outside to do his morning business. Oreo, never afraid of being assertive, will meow insistently. It sounds like she is saying, “Now!” and I know she means to say, “Give me my wet food…NOW.” This request will continue until the wet food is provided. Wyatt will bark again, waiting to be let back in the house, and then again, waiting impatiently for the cats to finish their wet food. Once they finish he will clean the (to him) delicious cat-food nanoparticles from their bowls and bark again for his own breakfast. While he eats, I heat my water for tea, wonder why I am awake, and when I will feel clear about the day ahead.

Clarity doesn’t happen automatically.

Hot tea in hand, I go back to my bed – just because it’s a comfortable place to sit or lie back with my knees up, and ask myself “How clear am I on how I am going to go about achieving the goals, dreams, aspirations, and tasks of the day?”

The answer is usually “Not very.”

I keep hoping one morning the answer will be “Very.” But that hasn’t happened yet!

So, I start my daily clarification process with three different energy generating mantras, chants or vows.

The first goes something like this:

“I deeply and profoundly love myself, and I allow myself to be…NOW.” (Repeat 100 times when possible.)

The second keeps my life mission statement in mind:

“I will attain enlightenment as quickly as possible, so that I may save all sentient beings from suffering…NOW.” (Repeat 100 times when possible)

The third reminds me to be humble and let God/The Divine take the wheel and drive for the day:

“I allow God’s (divine) will to be done in my life today, completely, without hesitation or reservation…NOW, NOW, NOW.”  Repeat until you truly feel your energy aligning with divine will.

While I hate to admit that I sometimes suffer from a bit of attention deficit disorder (ADD), I’m happy to report that this three step process usually kicks the temporary, foggy, unfocused, ADD brain, out of the room, aligning, centering and grounding my mental, emotional and physical energy… giving me just enough of everything I need to achieve and maintain clarity, especially as I start work for the day.

I hope you will try it, and let me know how it goes!


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