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Mentoring for Intuitives

Sometimes the path of an intuitive can be very lonely. Others may not understand why you "see dead people" or have a way of communicating with animals that goes beyond words and body language.

Other times one may pick up on the emotions surrounding traumatic events in the past, or even in the future, and have no one to share the information with, or know how to put the event imagery and emotional feelings into a perspective of peacefulness, instead of trauma and upset.

If you are a natural intuitive who is looking for a peer mentor along the path, Elizabeth is an excellent choice.

Initial reading/session: 40 minutes, $100

During this session Elizabeth will consult with you and spirit about your experiences, skills in process of development, and path of development.

Email Elizabeth at to introduce yourself and schedule your initial session: - please write "Mentoring" in the subject line.

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Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Mentoring Sessions: 40 Minutes,

Purchased one at time: $100

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Purchased in blocks of 5 sessions, $80 each/$400 per block (save $100)

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