Elizabeth Anglin

Psychic, Spirit Medium, Animal Communicator

Intuitive Connections and Healing for Horses and Riders

Elizabeth has been providing combined communication and healing sessions for horses and riders since 1994.  She began her Reiki and Animal Communication career while working at the premier equine surgery clinic in New Mexico, assisting with preparing horses for colic and orthopedic surgery. 

A lifelong horse person, Elizabeth won awards for equine science and judging in 4H as a teen.  She later went on to become a Massachusetts licensed riding instructor after a lengthy apprenticeship and testing process.  As a clinical hippotherapy riding instructor, Elizabeth became very familiar with the biomechanical, mental and emotional effects of the rider on the horse, and of the biomechanical, mental and emotional effects of the horse on the rider.

Today Elizabeth is willing to work with trainers and riders who are seeking to improve their performance through a joyful connection with their horses.  This is not a process of intuitively "telling the horse" what to do, but of scanning both the horse and rider for areas of constriction and resistance in communication, emotion and physical movement.  Sessions may include energy work for the rider, the horse and the rider, emotional clearing work and in depth communication sessions between the horse and the rider regarding training sessions, behavior, and performance.**

   A Cast of TNT - Elizabeth's retired racehorse.

**Please note: Elizabeth is not a veterinarian or a medical doctor, and she cannot diagnose or prescribe any illness, or treatment, for either horse or rider.  It is highly suggested (now and during the session) that any information that appears to be of (or near) the veterinary or medical kind be checked by a qualified, licensed, veterinarian or physician.

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