Elizabeth Anglin

Psychic, Spirit Medium, Animal Communicator

What is Spirit Mediumship?

Spirit Mediumship is the process of providing an informational, evidential, connection or bridge between people or animals currently alive only as spirit, and people alive as both spirit and matter. 

As a spirit medium, Elizabeth allows loved ones in spirit the opportunity to come forward and present themselves in a way that gives evidence of their spiritual survival past physical life and their continued spiritual connection to, and interest in, their family and friends.

Spirit Mediumship Session

During an evidential spirit mediumship session, Elizabeth will energetically and mentally support the passage of information from your loved ones in spirit to you for the purpose of providing evidence of their survival past physical life. 

The length and content of the session will be guided completely from the spiritual side for the first part of the reading and once good evidence has been established and their messages have been received,  the spirits will open the reading up for your questions.  While Elizabeth cannot fully guarantee that any specific loved one will come forward to present evidence of their spiritual survival, she has found that, in general, everyone who is available at the time who can take advantage of the energy she provides will come forward to connect with you in love.

From Elizabeth regarding the grief process and the timing of your sitting:

If you have recently lost a loved one, it is important to give yourself time to grieve before booking a spirit medium sitting.  I have found that most sittings are best received with at least three months of time, and often six months or more time between the loved one's passing and the sitting time.  Grieving is a complicated process, involving stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance (DABDA) which you may be cycling through in rapid succession after your loved one's passing.  Similarly, the physical body often grieves the physical loss of your loved one very acutely just after passing, and may not feel satisfied by the conversation that the sitting may give you.  You may feel elated one moment (during the sitting) and then fall rapidly into despair the next moment (after the sitting.)  If you are wanting a spirit medium sitting to make yourself "feel better" while you are in deep grief, or if you want to "speed up" your grieving process, or just "get it over with"  I suggest you wait before scheduling your sitting.  Grieving fully and completely is a complicated and dynamic psychological and physical process, and one of the few unavoidable skills we are all here to learn to do in this lifetime.  Seeing a grief counselor for help, support and advice during is never a bad idea.

If you have decided to go ahead with your sitting, some things to consider before your session are:  Not every spirit medium sitting is the same, so (for example) if you have been watching television shows like Long Island Medium, or other shows where the medium sits with people, please keep in mind that these shows depict that particular medium's style of sitting and presenting information, as well as (usually) the best "takes" from a sitting or the best sittings during the filming period.  Watching a medium on TV is not an education in spirit mediumship, it's an education about that particular medium and the clients they see while filming their TV show.

The reality for most spirit mediums is that we do not have control over which spirits will present their information at the time of your sitting, nor do we have control over what information they will present, or in what order they will present the information they have to give.  The spirit that you really want to hear from my be unavailable, or even shy (I've had this happen) or may want to relate something to you that they feel is important, that you were not expecting to hear.  If you close yourself off at the beginning of your sitting because someone you did not expect to be present shows up first to present, or information you were "not looking for" is presented at or near the beginning of your session, you will miss an opportunity to receive a full message from spirit, and most likely end up frustrating yourself, your loved ones in spirit, and the spirit medium tasked with giving you messages from spirit.

It's important to stay open to the process, but also be smart... have your medium record your session so that you can review it later.  This will be helpful to both you and your medium after the session.  Attempt to validate the information you do receive.  Talk to family members, and friends (if appropriate) or go back through photographs and files, or even Ancestry.com, if the spirit in question is a grand, or great grand parent, uncle or aunt.

Also, don't tell the medium sitting for you anything about the person in spirit you want to connect with before the session.  Only give a name if the person does not present at the beginning or even middle of the session, and you would like the medium to inquire about their availability to give you a message.

Physically, drink lots of water both before and after your sitting.  Don't try to drive in too much traffic, or go to places where people are crammed together, excited, mad or angry after your sitting, and do schedule yourself more time to sleep, nap, and reflect, and be nurturing to your body, mind, and spirit.


All Phone sessions will be recorded free of charge.  You will receive a conference line number and access code for the call, and Elizabeth will create an Mp3 recording through the conference line system.  You will be sent an Mp3 access page within 24 hours after the session.

60 minute session - $150

Elizabeth offers online scheduling using BookFresh  with payment by Paypal or over the phone at the time of service through Square Register

Understanding and Preparing for Spirit Mediumship

When booking a Spirit Medium session it is important to understand how the Spirit Medium Process works.  

The sitter, the medium, my be shown a series of images, may see different people (or animals) than  one asks for or expects, and will either hear or feel information related from these people, or animals, than what is expected. 

In true spirit mediumship, a medium cannot guarantee that you will receive a message from any one particular person (or animal) in spirit. 
Mediums are also not always given specific names, dates, and reasons for a persons passing... so it is best not to start of your sitting in judgment of a medium, waiting to hear specific information you already know and are aware of.

So what does a medium do?

It is the mediums job to report directly what they see, feel, hear, during the sitting in as much detail as they can, as quickly as they can. 
The medium is not in control of which people (or animals) show up to give messages, or whether or not the person they are sitting for intended to receive a message from those people (or animals) who show up.

As the recipient of the message, it is important to be open to listening during this process of reporting, and not judge the immediate content of the message, or the people, (or animals) or messages they bring.
 If one is patient with the process and listens from a position of openness to the presentation from spirit, one will usually find, as the session progress, the questions one had before the session started will be answered in due time. 
If, however, one has expectations or hearing a specific name or names, dates, places, reasons and other specific information, from spirit... at the beginning of the session, or related in a certain way, and is receiving the information from a position of only wanting to hear a specific name, or names, hear from specific people, and receive specific information, in a specific way, and specific time frame, it will be difficult for spirit, and your medium, to connect with you... as the receiver.   

The key to receiving a good spirit medium sitting is to remain open to receiving messages from spirit without having a preset idea of what those messages should be or will be. 

Having a pen and paper handy to write down parts of the message can be helpful.
Validating parts of the message (some parts may be for other family members or friends) later on can also be helpful.

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